Summer Lovin

Do you take...

Theres something about a summer wedding that is so exciting. The weather, combined with the limitless supply of outfit choices (hello brights and pastels), and some white wine, make it a fun alternative to your usual Saturday night.

Tomorrow I’ll be attending my cousins wedding! I couldn’t be more excited to see my family and take part in this special moment in her life. I do find however, that us early twenty somethings are currently in a bit of a limbo at these family functions. We’re not yet old enough for it to be the nuptials of one of our friends (at least I hope not), so the crowd tends to be a little older, and possibly a little less able to handle their alcohol. But at the same time, we’re not young enough to be sitting with the flower girls at the kids’ table. Still, it might take your Great Aunt Sally by surprise when she sees you imbibing with the cousins to get through all the questions about your future.

Despite all this, I think we should embrace this awkward and exciting time in our lives. Five years from now, we’ll be those people attending the nuptials of our college friends, downing glasses of wine between toasts at the horrifying realization that “we’re next”.

At the moment, limbo isn’t looking so bad.

But until tomorrows festivities, I’ll be focusing on one thing: my outfit! Stay tuned…

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