The Concrete Jungle

So from the looks of this blog, it may appear that I have completely fallen off the face of the earth. Well, if the earth is New Jersey and the New York is the infinite abyss, that would be correct.

Yes, over the past extremely overwhelming and busy weeks, I made the huge move to New York City! This time has been…eventful to say the least. There are just some things that could only happen to a person in New York, and lets just say a good portion of them have most likely happened to me.

Just to give you an idea:

  • Being licked (yes, I said licked) on my shoulder be a man who was much, much bigger than myself
  • Experiencing the horror of having a cockroach on me, in a bar no less
  • Watching a girl fall face first and expose herself to all of 72nd and Broadway
  • Being chased through the Wall Street Station by a drunk homeless man offering me wine
  • Temporarily having tourists take pictures of me in central park while my friend interacted with a friendly squirrel
  • Last but certainly not least, realizing that it was I , not the girl next to me, who had been blaring Christmas music from my iPhone on the subway for a full 15 minutes

Well…maybe eventful was an understatement.