From Study Breaks to Life Breaks

These days, I feel as if the apocalypse could be happening right outside my window and I wouldn’t even blink. It’s as if I graduated college a constantly connected and well informed world citizen, and quickly degenerated into an unaware and oblivious pile of mush.

In college, study breaks were spent browsing seemingly random but somehow connected subjects on google. My searches led me from website to website, topic to topic. Thirty minutes later I would emerge well versed on a variety of subjects, from Obama’s latest efforts in healthcare reform to a detailed analysis of every song on Taylor Swift’s Red album. You could say I was well-rounded.

Six months later, I leave work and it’s as if a switch is flipped, putting my brain into snooze mode. After 7:30 at night, I really only have the mental capacity to think about two things: food and sleep.

Tonight, I pulled out my laptop and decided to take a “life break”,  allowing myself to get lost in the internet once more. Somehow, I managed to go from the killing of a “Spirit Moose” to the removal of a mole from Jimmy Fallon’s hand. Go figure.

Despite the strangness of it all, I managed to find two really cool videos in the process:

1. If you ever doubted that Miley Cyrus was seriously talented, this video will definitely change your mind.

2. This pinterest wedding/proposal is too adorable. It’s a little long, but totally worth watching! 

And as for the life break? Lets just say from here on out I’ll be taking these quite often.

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