One Crazy Year

If I could describe this year in one word, it’d probably be:


Life has never seemed to fly by quite as fast as it has lately. In the past few months, I’ve started a new job, been promoted, moved into a new apartment, and turned 23 (insert Blink 182 reference here). It’s been a really amazing experience, but at the same timeΒ so overwhelming.

With all the changes happening, it’s become far too easy to cope by falling into a routine. Hanging out with the same friends from college, always going to the same four restaurants, and spending the weekends within a ten minute radius of my apartment.

Long story short, I turned into a couch-potato-workaholic-zombie-lameo. No bueno.

This past week, I decided to sit down with one of my roommates and write down our goals for the year. One of my favorite and (I believe) most important goal we set for ourself was to “try at least one new thing a week“.

New York is full of endless new experiences to be had, so this week I pushed myself to try one new activity and more:

NYC Library Card

I finally took the time to go and get myself a New York Library card! Anyone who works, lives, or studies in the city is eligible. More information can be found the New York Public Library website.


My first New York City Kronut. The picture speaks for itself.

Jazz CruiseAnd last but not least, I was able to go on a Downtown Happy Hour cruise with a few of my close friends. We accidentally ended up on a Jazz Cruise geared more towards older folk (whoops), but it made for a great story. In the end, was a great way to see the city from a new perspective and enjoy the beautiful weather at the same time. You can get the LivingSocial deal here.

Just adding a few new fun activities to my week has been refreshing and made me feel so accomplished. I suggest anyone who is feeling a little worn with their routine try the same, there’s no better time than the summer!