Pearls & Graphic Tees in NYC

Is it really only Tuesday? It feels like a whole entire week has flown by in a span of 24 hours. I guess the early setting sun can do that to a gal. Or, I’m just losing my mind. It’s just one of those days!

I am so in love with the weather we’ve been having in New York this week. Being able to walk around the city without worrying about a jacket has been amazing. I’m cherishing any last moments of warmth over 80 degrees before fall really starts to set in.

This weekend, I took full advantage of the beautiful weather and was able to wear a t-shirt and skirt (in my favorite color combo) to brunch.

teta brunch 1

I used to be so against wearing or even owning t-shirts, as I believed investing in them was a “waste of money”. But, I’ve come to realize that great style means mixing casual and formal pieces to create something unexpected. Pearls paired with a graphic tee? The perfect mix of classy and fun.


This outfit is a go to for me on the weekends, it’s comfortable and airy. My only complaint is that the linen skirt tends to wrinkle a little too easily. Still, nothing a little Downy Wrinkle Spray can’t fix!

Here’s my take on a version to wear this fall:

Shirt: J.Crew old, great alternative/ Skirt J.Crew old, similar/ Shoes: J.Crew/ Necklace: Lilly Pulitzer old, similar/ Bag: Furla old, great alternative/

A Weekend Well Spent

Hi All! Sorry I’ve been so MIA, I had one crazy, busy weekend.

Saturday, I was so excited to have my family visit from New Jersey. My Teta came in with my parents to visit me in the city for the first time. She was so cute and brought me fall decorations and cookies she made!


For brunch, we once again went to The Pullman Kitchen. Clearly, I enjoy this place a little too much. Teta was very amused/confused by the fact that they served the drinks out of “jam jars”. If you ever get the chance to go, I highly recommend the “Apple a Day” sandwich. Brie+ Apples+ Honey Mustard= Nom.

Once my family left, I went to meet up with my friend Lauren, who had the genius idea of going to see the Statue of Liberty at sunset. The Staten Island Ferry is a free and great way to view the monument. Do your research, and if you board the ferry at the perfect time, it’s the most beautiful view.

statue of liberty

After a people-filled Saturday, I found myself needing a few hours of “me time”. I honestly used to be so afraid to explore the city on my own, or even be alone for a period of more than 2 hours. But the older I get, the more I realize how important it is to take time to do something nice by yourself. I’ve learned that when I want to do something…well, I just need to get up and do it!

Today, I woke up at 12 (hallelujah) and walked down to Bryant Park to enjoy the beautiful weather. It was the best thing I could have done with my Sunday afternoon.


I love Bryant Park in a completely different way than Central Park. Central Park seems to transport you into another world, and feels like a huge maze you could easily lose yourself in. If it weren’t for the tips of sky scrapers peaking over the trees, you’d forget you were even in a city. But Bryant Park is a balance. You’re in a beautiful park, but city life seems to swirl around you. It’s relaxing and exciting at the same time.

bryant park sunday

I ended the day with my weekly trip to Whole Foods, a much needed manicure and pedicure, and watching Hocus Pocus. Halloween and Sarah Jessica Parker via 1993? I’ll take it!

Hope you all had great weekends too!

Rainy Days in the Big City

Today was one of those non-stop, drizzling, gloom and doom days in the city.  I won’t lie, i haven’t been feeling too hot the past week, so I resorted to taking a taxi to work (eek). I usually love the rain, but for once I was grateful not to have to leave my desk all day!

After getting home from a very long day of work, I decided to relax on my couch and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Ever since I was in high school, Audrey Hepburn has been my one of my favorite actresses and style icons. The girl’s got class. As I watched the final scene in which Audrey is running in the rain and yelling, “Cat! Cat!” I realized how gorgeous she looked. I then also realized that if you were to put me outside in the rain for five minutes, I’d come back looking like a mix between a porcupine and wet poodle.


What. The. Heck.

 As someone who lives in a city and walks 30 minutes to work every day (yes, you read that right) I know how difficult it is to create the perfect mix of cute and practical for a rainy day look. I’m may not be Holly Golightly, but here is my quick and easy NYC rainy day reference guide:

Rainy Day Prep

This rain coat is the perfect mix of pretty and practical. Audrey would most definitely approve.

Kate Spade leather handbag
A cute bag big enough to fit all your rainy day essentials. The pink is neutral, and the bow adds a feminine detail. Need I say more?

Madewell umbrella
I’ve owned both J.Crew and Madewell umbrellas, and they’re honestly amazing quality. I’ve never had one break on me, but I have had friends “borrow” mine after loving them so much! A bit on the pricey side, but definitely worth the investment.

A portable charger is essential on a rainy day. If you get caught in a downpour and need to run in Starbucks, a dead phone will do you no good in ordering an Uber or canceling an appointment. A great accessory no matter the weather!

Lip care
I am a huge advocate of Dior Lip Glow. I discovered it during sorority recruitment my senior year of college, and haven’t stopped using it since! It adds the slightest tint of color and gloss to your lips. Perfect for a minimal makeup rainy day look.

Pinch Provisions kit
My sister and brother gave this to me as part of my christmas gift last year, and it really has come in handy. On rainy days, you’re going to want to have the small tube of hairspray and collection of bobby pins on hand.

Are they rain boots or riding boots? A little bit of both! These rainy day boots will keep your feet dry while adding a preppy touch to your outfit. Cute and functional!
Stay dry everyone!

Frost Yourself

During my 7th grade year, I spent most weekends having sleepovers with my friends and watching the most girly, silly romantic comedies. If you asked miniature me then, I would say my favorite movie was How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. In my preteen mind, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey were a magical pair. I watched it over and over, thinking I understood all the jokes (I didn’t) and hysterically laughing during the “You’re So Vain” scene. 

One part of the movie that has always been my favorite is when Ben (Matt) comes up with the diamond advertising campaign. Andie (Kate) refers to their dog Krull’s diamond encrusted collar as “…just a little frosting.” That little comment sparks the inspiration for Ben to come up with the “Frost Yourself” slogan.

11 years later, I still find “Frost Yourself” to be such an accurate description of what a great piece of jewelry’s purpose should be. Jewelry is the frosting, the extra little detail that brings your outfit to the next level. Having a core collection in your jewelry box is essential, but it doesn’t need to be extensive. Here are seven types of jewelry I believe make up the perfect basic collection.

1. Subtle Studs

frost yourself 4 <Tory Burch>

A great pair of studs are important to any jewelry collection. Keep them simple and small. Even outfits with the littlest need for extra detail will look instantly pulled together with the addition of studs. 

2. A Simple Necklace

frost yourself 7

<Kate Spade Saturday>

A simple necklace is great for layering with other pieces, or adds a delicate touch to low-key outfits.

3. A Statement Necklace

frost yourself 3 <J.Crew Factory>

Fall is the perfect time to pull out your statement necklaces. I personally have a little bit of an addiction to collecting them, especially those of the J. Crew variety. They’re perfect for layering with simple button downs or on chunky sweaters.

4. An Everyday Ring

frost yourself 6 <Kate Spade New York>

I love the look of an understated, delicate ring. It gives a final feminine touch to any outfit. I have this ring and I honestly can’t get enough. Pair it with any outfit and it works! 

5. A Decorative Watch

frost yourself 1

 <Kate Spade New York>

Ok, so with the invention of cell phones, watches don’t necessarily serve the same purpose they once did. This works out in our favor, allowing them to be more about fun than function. The neutral leather of this Kate Spade watch paired with the scallop detail is a great alone or layered with other bracelets.

6. A Basic Bracelet

frost yourself 2<Kiel James Patrick>

A great update on the strand of pearls your grandmother wore in the 60’s is a pearl bracelet. The look is more modern, and less stuffy than the typical strand. Wear them layered with your favorite watch, or alone for a more elegant look.

7. A Fun Piece

frost youserlf 9<Loren Hope>

You should always have one fun piece in your collection. Add in a bright color or something really bold. “Practical” or not, you’d be surprised how often you put a fun piece to use!

Brooks Brothers Red Fleece

It being the first day of fall, I thought I’d share some fun news. This past weekend something very exciting happened…drum roll please.

I made my first Autumn 2014 purchase!

I was wandering down in the Financial District near my old apartment after attending Oyster Fest 2014, when I stumbled upon the FiDi Brooks Brothers. I have always been a fan of Brooks Brothers, but found their price range to be a little too high for a 23 year old, just-starting-out (hope you’re reading this Mom and Dad) New Yorker. I was on the phone with my best friend at the time, who reminded me that they were having a 25% off sale. The moment I heard the word sale, I couldn’t resist checking it out. I headed straight for the women’s section, and finally had the opportunity to see their Red Fleece Collection in person. The verdict?

I loved it.

The price range is so much more reasonable than their other collections, and the style is a bit trendier than typical BB. I got a little carried away and tried on a few outfits, but immediately fell in love with their “Long Sleeve Cotton Black Watch Dress“. It was super soft and comfortable, and the dark green and navy blue plaid was perfect for the fall. I’m on the shorter side so the dress was a little long, but otherwise it was a great fit.

brooks brothers

When I realized I had spent more time in the store than was socially acceptable, I made an impulse decision and bought the dress. In my defense, 25% off? Can’t say no to that.

A few other looks I saw in store and loved:

brooks brothers 2 brooks brothers 3 brooks brothers 4 brooks brothers 1

Click on the pictures to check out the pieces! Outfit post in the dress to follow this weekend.

Happy fall everyone!

Brunch Upon A Time

Despite living in a city with an endless amount of fun activities, I would say New Yorkers look forward to one weekend staple as the end of each week approaches:

Dinner? Ehh.

Lunch? No thanks.

Brunch? Always yes

Seriously though, what better way to catch up with friends than over mimosas and nutella waffles?

This weekend, my friend Alyssa and I went to a very cute brunch spot near my apartment, The Pullman Kitchen. I think describing it as one of those places that serves all their drinks in mason jars pretty much sums up the experience. The food was delicious, but it was the milkshakes that were really amazing. I tried the Captain Crunch Shake, and it was like a bowl of cereal in ice cream form. Genius.


As important as the food is (and trust me, it’s important), one majorly significant aspect of brunch is managing to pull yourself together on a Saturday morning. It’s rough, but a ladies gotta do what a ladies gotta do. And sadly, brunch is no place for yoga pants and college tees.

This weekend with the warm weather, I chose one of my favorite color combinations, navy and pink. I had to get one last fun outfit in before autumn equinox!


Shirt: J Crew old but great fall alternative here/ Skirt: J Crew / Shoes: C. Wonder, old but similar here / Bag: Kate Spade, similar in a fun color, here/ Nail Polish: Essie / Sunglasses: Kate Spade Nordstrom Rack, similar here.

Street Mobs and Adventures in Little Italy

A little fact about me:

I recently moved to Midtown Manhattan, so I have become pretty accustomed to navigating large crowds. Well, on most days.  I actually was walking to work this morning and thinking to myself, “Wow! I really have got a hang of this whole weaving in and out of crowds thing”…when I found myself stumbling over a giant potted plant. But really? Whose bright idea was it to put an abnormally large potted plant on a high traffic NYC side walk?


Like I was saying, I have become pretty great at navigating these large crowds. This came in handy earlier this evening, as I decided to venture down to the San Gennaro festival in Little Italy. The funny thing about New York is that you could be on a very empty street one minute, then you turn a corner and all of a sudden it’s like the stampede scene from the Lion King.

Ok, maybe a little dramatic. But you get the picture.

The festival was definitely crowded, but it was a slow moving crowd which ended up working out in our favor. We were able to take our time checking out the food stands, and enjoying all the beautifully lit streets!

san gennaro

One of the main reasons I begged my friend to go to the festival was because I heard they would have one of my favorite childhood county fair pastimes–zeppoles. If you’ve never had a zeppole, they’re basically little pieces of fried heaven covered in powdered sugar. Amazing.  After a long, crowded search, we finally found a zeppole stand that was to my liking. I of course got a little too excited, and asked my friend to take a picture of me eating the first bite. In all my eagerness, I really didn’t think about the fact that they were burning hot and straight off the fryer. So with a few snaps of the camera, two of the funniest candid photos of me were created:


zeppole 2

Lets just say I won’t be eating zeppoles again for a little while.

After the scarring zeppole experience, I decided to head toward a safer food choice. In the process, I found the perfect little mini cannoli that made my burnt mouth trauma all worth it.


The festival was so much fun, and a great chance to explore Little Italy. I’ll honestly be heading down one more time before to weekends over to try more of the amazing food. If you live in the New York area, the festival ends September 21st! I highly recommend it, just…think twice before eating a zeppole.