Fall Is Here


I don’t know when or how it really happened, but at some point our extremely short summer seems to have ended just as soon as it begun. The chilly weather has moved in, and that indescribable autumn air has taken over the city. Today while sitting in Bryant Park after work, I came to a realization that probably 99.9% of the New York City population did 5 days ago. I think it’s time to face it, people.

Fall has officially arrived. 

Post grad, summers seem to fly by faster every year. As disappointing as that aspect of real life may be, there is something so comforting about fall in New York City. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m so excited to pull out my big knit sweaters and riding boots. I’m pretty sure the mere mention of hot apple cider or Halloween Costumes would excite me to a point that is probably not normal for an established (cough), extremely well put together (double cough) 23 year old.

 Tonight, to simultaneously kick off/mourn this occasion, I painted my nails navy blue (closest thing to black I’ll ever commit to) and sat down with my roommates to come up with our Fall 2014 Bucket List:

BEAN BOOTS bean boots

Any suggestions for fun fall activities in the city? Let me know!

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