Frost Yourself

During my 7th grade year, I spent most weekends having sleepovers with my friends and watching the most girly, silly romantic comedies. If you asked miniature me then, I would say my favorite movie was How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. In my preteen mind, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey were a magical pair. I watched it over and over, thinking I understood all the jokes (I didn’t) and hysterically laughing during the “You’re So Vain” scene. 

One part of the movie that has always been my favorite is when Ben (Matt) comes up with the diamond advertising campaign. Andie (Kate) refers to their dog Krull’s diamond encrusted collar as “…just a little frosting.” That little comment sparks the inspiration for Ben to come up with the “Frost Yourself” slogan.

11 years later, I still find “Frost Yourself” to be such an accurate description of what a great piece of jewelry’s purpose should be. Jewelry is the frosting, the extra little detail that brings your outfit to the next level. Having a core collection in your jewelry box is essential, but it doesn’t need to be extensive. Here are seven types of jewelry I believe make up the perfect basic collection.

1. Subtle Studs

frost yourself 4 <Tory Burch>

A great pair of studs are important to any jewelry collection. Keep them simple and small. Even outfits with the littlest need for extra detail will look instantly pulled together with the addition of studs. 

2. A Simple Necklace

frost yourself 7

<Kate Spade Saturday>

A simple necklace is great for layering with other pieces, or adds a delicate touch to low-key outfits.

3. A Statement Necklace

frost yourself 3 <J.Crew Factory>

Fall is the perfect time to pull out your statement necklaces. I personally have a little bit of an addiction to collecting them, especially those of the J. Crew variety. They’re perfect for layering with simple button downs or on chunky sweaters.

4. An Everyday Ring

frost yourself 6 <Kate Spade New York>

I love the look of an understated, delicate ring. It gives a final feminine touch to any outfit. I have this ring and I honestly can’t get enough. Pair it with any outfit and it works! 

5. A Decorative Watch

frost yourself 1

 <Kate Spade New York>

Ok, so with the invention of cell phones, watches don’t necessarily serve the same purpose they once did. This works out in our favor, allowing them to be more about fun than function. The neutral leather of this Kate Spade watch paired with the scallop detail is a great alone or layered with other bracelets.

6. A Basic Bracelet

frost yourself 2<Kiel James Patrick>

A great update on the strand of pearls your grandmother wore in the 60’s is a pearl bracelet. The look is more modern, and less stuffy than the typical strand. Wear them layered with your favorite watch, or alone for a more elegant look.

7. A Fun Piece

frost youserlf 9<Loren Hope>

You should always have one fun piece in your collection. Add in a bright color or something really bold. “Practical” or not, you’d be surprised how often you put a fun piece to use!

2 thoughts on “Frost Yourself

  1. christinajavete says:

    AW, I loved that movie, too!! Hehe. I forgot about the Frost Yourself slogan. =) I love all your selections here, especially stud earrings! I feel like it just adds more sparkle. I also love a beautiful necklace so I usually wear these two. I also started wearing my pearl necklace as a bracelet by wrapping it around my wrist and I love it!! ❤


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