Obsessions of the Week

Lately, I feel if I am seeing more and more items that I need (correction:want) in stores, while my wallet size seems to be shrinking by the hour.

New York, I love you but you’re killing me.

Saturday, I decided it was about time to have a “me” night. The rain had cleared away, and it was the perfect night to go for a walk. After wandering up 3rd Avenue for a bit, what started as a walk quickly turned into a two hour shopping expedition at Bloomingdales. How exactly I ended up there I can’t really explain, but long story short:

I saw Bloomingdales. It called out to me. I did “need” a few things…why not just go in for a minute? Sees something shiny. Minute turns into two hours. The end.

While I was there, I decided it would be a fun idea to try on shoes and clothing that I will definitely not be able to afford for a significant amount of time. One of my favorite try ons? This sparkly Kate Spade creation:

ks shoes

Walking away from these pumps caused more of a broken heart than I think a boy ever could. Sigh…one day.

Here are a few other items I’m loving this week:

1. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine #10 Chocolate Instyle


This is one of my “need” items I picked up while browsing the YSL makeup counter in Bloomingdales. I’ve always been afraid of straying from the typical pinks and reds when it comes to my lip color, but the woman working the counter was very convincing when it came to giving brown a try. I knew it was in this fall after seeing Leighton Meester rock it recently, but I didn’t realize how much I would love it until I put it on. It’s the perfect everyday lip color for the cold weather season. Coming from a girl who loves her pinks, this is saying a lot.

2. Essie Dress to Kilt


This fall, I am in love with all the deep reds. After giving Essie’s Bordeaux a try last week, I decided to invest in one of their Fall 2014 colors during a recent Duane Reade trip. Best $8.00 I ever spent! The color is a deep, rich red, perfect for fall!

3. My Recent Reads

not that kind of girl

I’m currently in the middle of reading two awesome books (yet another impulse buy after a Friday evening in Barnes & Noble). Not that Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham, and How to Be Parisian Wherever You AreBoth books are hilarious, inspiring, and really all about the power we hold as women. Honestly, I think we forget sometimes how powerful femininity can be, and it’s nice to be reminded every once in a while. I’ll post a more in depth analysis once I finish both books!

4. Kate Spade Eye Mask

kate spade eye mask

After getting used to a year and a half of working, sleeping in on the weekends has become extremely difficult. I could be at the point of exhaustion, but one little ray of sunshine in my room and I’m up for the day. I’ve been searching for the perfect eye mask that was cute and functional, and I believe Kate Spade has nailed it with this one. What could be better than satin, bows, and more sleep?

Sunday on the High Line

Today I woke up and it was an absolutely beautiful day. A little cold, but the sunshine was out and it smelled like autumn.

 I woke up promptly at 10:30, had a successful Whole Foods run that actually ended in me leaving with groceries this time (see yesterdays post for those who are confused), and then met up with my friend Alyssa to have a day exploring the High Line.

When I first moved to New York, I had this obsession with the High Line. I would go there every weekend, lay out, and people watch. There was something so cool about the unbelievably large scale “recycling” project affectionately called “The Park in the Sky”.

This past month, the park was finally completed. It’s definitely a lot of walking if you want to see the entire thing like we did, but so worth a visit when you’re in NYC. Make sure you bundle up though, it gets a little chilly by the water!

high line

Jacket: J. Crew similar/ Sweater: J.Crew/ Jeans: American Eagle/ Boots: Franco Sarto similar/ Bag: Vintage similar

PJ Kinda Day


It’s another one of those rainy days in New York City! Last night when looking at the forecast, I vowed to myself that I would under no circumstances whatsoever, leave the confines of my apartment today. Even if Prince Charming in the form of James Marsden on a white horse (obviously) was outside my building screaming my name, I would call down to the doorman and have him nicely ask Mr. Charming to turn it down a notch.

Yes, I was that determined.

But, I had to make one exception. This morning, in the height of the downpour, I had to go get one more test done. I then decided it was a good idea to make a stop at the Whole Foods across the street and buy some rainy day snacks.  Upon attempting to check out, I realized that not only did I forget my keys in my now locked apartment, but I also forgot my wallet.

See? This is why you should never under any circumstances, leave your apartment when you say you are not going to leave your apartment under any circumstances.

After catching a cab, getting frustrated with city traffic and subsequently getting out to walk home in the pouring rain, I was finally able to throw on my PJs and crawl back into bed. This kind of weather definitely makes for a PJ, camomile tea, and Gilmore Girls on Netflix kinda day.

I believe that pajamas are one of the most underrated parts of a lady’s wardrobe. In fact, I don’t think most people even classify them in the wardrobe department. But in my opinion, it’s important for a post grad to own at least three pairs of nice PJs. It’s the easiest way to look put together at home even when you’re not trying to. If your roommate walks in on a Sunday morning with a friend after brunch, you won’t feel like nearly as much of a mess as you would otherwise. In short, life is so unexpected, you never know who is going to show up at your door (fingers crossed for James Marsden).

Here are some of my PJ picks to add to your collection:

night shirt in end on end

J.Crew Night Shirt

My favorite PJ that I own. An oversized night shirt in super comfortable cotton!

ralph lauren pink pjsRalph Lauren Cotton Jersey Pajama Set

Add a pop of pink to your bedtime routine. 

target satin pjs

Target Satin Short Pajama Set

Satin. Need I say more?

victorias secret plaid pjs

Victoria’s Secret Eyelet Lace Cami PJ Set

The plaid print is perfectly in line with fall trends.

Stay dry everyone!

Growing Pains

Recently, I’ve come to the realization that despite being a year and a half out of college, the post grad adjustment takes time. And by time, I don’t mean “getting over the freshman year hump” amount of time, but more like adulthood is a constant adjustment. I don’t really know when this adjustment period ends, or if it ever actually ends. With our whole lives ahead of us, there are so many things we haven’t even come close to experiencing yet. One thing I do know though, is that every day I do experience the “grown up world” (cheesy, I know), I feel a little more confident in myself and what I’m capable of.

One major adjustment that I’ve had to make lately is accepting that sometimes, we have to do things that we don’t want to do. If you wake up and you don’t want to go to work in the morning, you can’t just email your professor and let them know you’re not feeling well. And even if you actually aren’t feeling well, you pretty much are still expected to go to work.

Except if its like the bubonic plague. They’re usually cool with you missing work for that.

All jokes aside…as I mentioned in my last post, I haven’t been feeling too well lately. My doctor told me I had to get a blood test, and there is nothing more I hate in this world than blood leaving my body in any form. Even the tiniest most nonexistent paper cut makes me feel faint. One time, I had dried smoothie on my leg that I mistook for dried blood (how it got there, I’ll never know). I went into a panic and made my roommate run in Dunkin Donuts with me to clean off my “cut”. Needless to say, it was a little embarrassing.

Yesterday, I finally went to get the dreaded blood test. I’m so lucky that I have the best Dad in the world who also happens to work in the same city as me. Despite hating blood himself, he met up with me and sat through the whole appointment while I cried (hysterically), and gave me pieces of candy corn after I almost passed out. He’s the best.

Me and my Dad back in the day!

                         Me and my Dad way back in the day

Going into the test, I wanted to do nothing more than run out of that office and as far away as possible. But like I said, growing up involves being brave and doing things outside your comfort zone. Instead of going home to sleep off how nauseous I felt after I was done, I grabbed a few pastries from Whole Foods with my Dad and headed back to the office. Not only did I finish out the work day, but I ended up voluntarily staying late. Despite feeling not so great at the end of the day, I was so proud of myself for doing something that terrified me, and for not letting it slow me down.

The growing pains of becoming an adult are tough, but so worth it. My advice? Do things to challenge yourself everyday (except blood tests). You may surprise yourself!