PJ Kinda Day


It’s another one of those rainy days in New York City! Last night when looking at the forecast, I vowed to myself that I would under no circumstances whatsoever, leave the confines of my apartment today. Even if Prince Charming in the form of James Marsden on a white horse (obviously) was outside my building screaming my name, I would call down to the doorman and have him nicely ask Mr. Charming to turn it down a notch.

Yes, I was that determined.

But, I had to make one exception. This morning, in the height of the downpour, I had to go get one more test done. I then decided it was a good idea to make a stop at the Whole Foods across the street and buy some rainy day snacks.  Upon attempting to check out, I realized that not only did I forget my keys in my now locked apartment, but I also forgot my wallet.

See? This is why you should never under any circumstances, leave your apartment when you say you are not going to leave your apartment under any circumstances.

After catching a cab, getting frustrated with city traffic and subsequently getting out to walk home in the pouring rain, I was finally able to throw on my PJs and crawl back into bed. This kind of weather definitely makes for a PJ, camomile tea, and Gilmore Girls on Netflix kinda day.

I believe that pajamas are one of the most underrated parts of a lady’s wardrobe. In fact, I don’t think most people even classify them in the wardrobe department. But in my opinion, it’s important for a post grad to own at least three pairs of nice PJs. It’s the easiest way to look put together at home even when you’re not trying to. If your roommate walks in on a Sunday morning with a friend after brunch, you won’t feel like nearly as much of a mess as you would otherwise. In short, life is so unexpected, you never know who is going to show up at your door (fingers crossed for James Marsden).

Here are some of my PJ picks to add to your collection:

night shirt in end on end

J.Crew Night Shirt

My favorite PJ that I own. An oversized night shirt in super comfortable cotton!

ralph lauren pink pjsRalph Lauren Cotton Jersey Pajama Set

Add a pop of pink to your bedtime routine. 

target satin pjs

Target Satin Short Pajama Set

Satin. Need I say more?

victorias secret plaid pjs

Victoria’s Secret Eyelet Lace Cami PJ Set

The plaid print is perfectly in line with fall trends.

Stay dry everyone!

One thought on “PJ Kinda Day

  1. Matilda Srouji says:

    Very nice collection of PJ’S very fashionable l hope that you had relaxed for the rest of the day after your adventures.


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