2015 In a Nutshell: Part 2

As I was saying…2015 has been a complete whirlwind. Between all the traveling, holidays (obviously my birthday being the most important one), and activities, I honestly don’t know how I’m still standing. Time flies when you’re having fun sleep deprived!

In May alone, I managed to pack in a ton of traveling time, starting with Miami, then a Memorial Day weekend trip to Dewey Beach/Ocean City with my girlfriends. It was so nice to have everyone in one place, since we’ve all moved around in the two years since graduation.

I repeat, two years whole years. I believe that makes me almost, certifiably, an adult. On some level.


The next weekend, my boyfriend and I made our way up to Boston and Plymouth to visit his sister. In Plymouth, we took a boat out to Browns Bank Sandbar. Imagine a beautiful oasis in the middle of the ocean. Except, colder. And filled with lobster traps.

All jokes aside, we had so much fun running around, jumping in the tide pools, and finding little critters.

Side note: The term “Plymouth Rock” is extremely misleading. Depressing stone or pebble would probably be a better term.

cape cod 2 cape cod

The month of June began with two weeks of birthday celebrations for my 24th! The first weekend, Fabian and I took a trip over to Belmont and were lucky enough to witness the American Pharoah Triple Crown win. I have never experienced anything like it in my life, the crowd went absolutely wild! Though, I did walk away with some knowledge that day. I learned that I know absolutely NOTHING about horse betting, and that you should probably double check before assuming 3rd place means you won money.


I finished off the celebrations with a visit from my best friend Audrey and a trip to Governor’s Island for the 10th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party. The whole day felt like we had travelled back to the 1920s. Despite our costumes, I have to say we were a little underdressed. Next year, we’ll be much more prepared. I’ll warm up on my Charleston, and have a parasol in tow.

jazz age

Last but certainly not least, we celebrated the 4th of July with this gorgeous view of the National Fireworks.

july 4

Does it get any better than this?

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