When In Rome…

In keeping up with my resolutions, here is post deux of the week ! The gym has yet to happen, but let’s not focus on little details…

I’ve always been someone who LOVES to travel. While many of my friends were throwing lavish Sweet Sixteens in high school (parents, you have MTV to thank for that), all I wanted for my sixteenth birthday was to go on a school trip to Italy. I was lucky enough that my parents saw the value in a two week euro trip, and my birthday wish was granted. Over those two weeks in the hot Italian summer, I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with Italy. The people, the culture, the style, the food. Everything. I fell in love, and I fell hard.


Yes, I am wearing a shirt that says “Good Girls Go to Heaven,Bad Girls Go To Italy.” I will also confirm that I am wearing oversized white flip flops and a pink Coach bag. 2007 was not my year.

Fast forward five years later, and I decided that I had to study abroad my Junior year. After receiving the go-ahead from Mom and Dad (currently having an epiphany that I have insanely generous parents), I signed on with the Maryland-In-Rome program. Once again, I was in love. As an art history major, my classes were taught in piazzas, churches, and museums. My textbooks came to life, paintings were no longer just seen on powerpoint slides, learning felt fun! Better yet, I had the flexibility to travel throughout Italy and Europe, exploring every inch I could. Aside from a pick-pocketing incident in Belgium, the whole experience was nothing short of amazing.


Ok, still not sold on the headband-scarf-sunglasses combo but this photo is a LITTLE redeeming. Points for being a token Roma photo in the Vatican.

This winter, I once again had the opportunity to return to where my sixteen year self bought a “Bad Girls” shirt (poor life decisions). Bella Italia! My boyfriends family had invited me to join them for a trip through Tuscany, starting in Rome. The trip was special in itself, as I was so excited to have the opportunity to spend more time with his parents, his sister, and her boyfriend. The one aspect that really made the trip though? We were riding through the Italian countryside in style:


Our larger than life, Mercedes, 8 person van!

The experience ended up being so fun, special, and memorable. From Rome, to Civita di Bagnoregio, Cortona, New Years in Florence, Arezzo, Verona, and lastly Bologna, each place was magical! It was even better that I got to experience it with such great people.


Artsy in Arezzo

I could write a novel on all the great sights and delicious meals, but I’ll leave you with this. TRAVEL. It’s good for your soul, your heart, and your mind. Who wouldn’t want to see the world?


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