Shopping on Newbury Street

Yes, once again, another post on my travels! I know this sounds strange to say, but I’ve been feeling a little homesick for New York City these days. It’s not like I don’t already spend five days a week here, but between all the travelling and difficulties with storm Jonas, I’m looking forward to a weekend in my city!

This past weekend, we ventured up to Boston and New Hampshire for a quick getaway to visit Fabian’s sister! We decided to head to Boston Thursday night, and spend Friday morning exploring. Our version of exploring ended up being a walk around the Copley Square area, with a quick peek at the Boston Public Library, and a delicious brunch at Joe’s American Bar & Grill.


The beautiful Boston Public Library




They even had my favorite St-Germain cocktail!

We only had a short time after brunch to walk around, and the Jack Wills store was calling my name. Unfortunately, New York City is missing on this gem from over the pond, and I was in desperate need of a warm winter coat. By desperate, I mean my lips were literally turning purple the other day. Time for an upgrade.

One parka and a little “light” shopping later, we walked out to a perfectly chilly Boston day. Luckily, it was warm enough that I could get away with a layered combo of a gingham button up and my favorite L.L. Bean Fishermans sweater.


Sweater. Shirt. Hat. Purse. Jeans. ShoesΒ (similar).

It was the perfect start to a great weekend!

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