Sojo Spa Club

A few weeks ago, I had an amazing weekend with friends and family celebrating my 26th birthday. My boyfriend went above and beyond the call of duty–planning a weekend full of surprises with clues along the way. It was perfect!

The first surprise of the weekend was a trip to one of Hoboken’s newest neighbors- Sojo Spa Club. Upon walking in, I was so blown away that I could not stop taking photos. Words just don’t do Sojo justice.


When you enter the spa, you are brought to the first level “Shoe Locker Room”. This is a locker specifically for your shoes, as you are not allowed to wear footwear within the facility. You will receive a bracelet, which will be your lifeline at Sojo. It is your key to your locker(s), and also serves as your running tab for the day (more on that later).


After putting your shoes in the proper location, you are then directed upstairs to the men and women locker rooms. There, you are given yet another locker, and your “spa clothes” for the day. Warning: THESE ARE NOT CUTE. With a tap of my bracelet, I rented a robe for $5.00 instead. Totally worth it!


We started off our day on the rooftop infinity pool overlooking the NYC skyline. We soaked up some sun, and were one of many people working on that perfecting that ‘gram. Safe to say, it wasn’t hard to get a good shot.

IMG_5145 (1)

Next, we made our way to the cafe for some food. It had so many healthy and yummy options. We opted to try the tofu & pork baos which were beyond delicious! It being my birthday, I had a goal of eating an ice cream cone everyday that weekend. So of course I had to finish off the meal with a vanilla soft serve ice cream.



Fabian and I spent the rest of the afternoon hopping through the five saunas, three therapy rooms, and three outdoor baths. It may sound hectic–but I was nothing but relaxed.

This summer if you are looking for something to escape your everyday hustle and bustle–I highly recommend Sojo to all my fellow Hobokenites and NYC residents (there is a free shuttle on the weekends from Port Authority). P.S.–Don’t forget your sunscreen!


Info on Sojo Spa Club:


Weekday: $55.00

Weekend: $65.00

Hours: 9 AM-12 AM

Complimentary valet parking available.

Update: Sojo is now giving out robes for free.Β 


Guess Who’s Back?

Hey all! Long time no see. Guess who is back with a brand new facelift?

After a year hiatus consisting of some soul searching, self doubt, reconsiderations and realizations, I have come to the decision that this blog deserves a real try. I felt as if I was trying to be someone I wasn’t, under a title I wasn’t happy with (The Post Grad Diaries). It was time for a refresh.

When revisiting the idea of starting again, I thought about things that made me happy–my favorite books, colors, brands, badass women and of course, flowers. What I landed on was a mix between my favorite romantic novel written by a badass woman, and my favorite flower. Pride & Peonies was born.

A little update on me: The past year has been full of big changes. I recently moved across the Hudson from NYC to Hoboken. I’ll always miss living in the city, but this new little city of mine has so much to offer. There is always something new to explore in the Square Mile City. And hey–I still work in the Big Apple five days a week so they aren’t getting rid of me yet!

Pride & Peonies will be a lifestyle blog full of style, beauty, travel, food and more. So get ready, I can’t wait to start sharing with you all again!