Sojo Spa Club

A few weeks ago, I had an amazing weekend with friends and family celebrating my 26th birthday. My boyfriend went above and beyond the call of duty–planning a weekend full of surprises with clues along the way. It was perfect!

The first surprise of the weekend was a trip to one of Hoboken’s newest neighbors- Sojo Spa Club. Upon walking in, I was so blown away that I could not stop taking photos. Words just don’t do Sojo justice.


When you enter the spa, you are brought to the first level “Shoe Locker Room”. This is a locker specifically for your shoes, as you are not allowed to wear footwear within the facility. You will receive a bracelet, which will be your lifeline at Sojo. It is your key to your locker(s), and also serves as your running tab for the day (more on that later).


After putting your shoes in the proper location, you are then directed upstairs to the men and women locker rooms. There, you are given yet another locker, and your “spa clothes” for the day. Warning: THESE ARE NOT CUTE. With a tap of my bracelet, I rented a robe for $5.00 instead. Totally worth it!


We started off our day on the rooftop infinity pool overlooking the NYC skyline. We soaked up some sun, and were one of many people working on that perfecting that ‘gram. Safe to say, it wasn’t hard to get a good shot.

IMG_5145 (1)

Next, we made our way to the cafe for some food. It had so many healthy and yummy options. We opted to try the tofu & pork baos which were beyond delicious! It being my birthday, I had a goal of eating an ice cream cone everyday that weekend. So of course I had to finish off the meal with a vanilla soft serve ice cream.



Fabian and I spent the rest of the afternoon hopping through the five saunas, three therapy rooms, and three outdoor baths. It may sound hectic–but I was nothing but relaxed.

This summer if you are looking for something to escape your everyday hustle and bustle–I highly recommend Sojo to all my fellow Hobokenites and NYC residents (there is a free shuttle on the weekends from Port Authority). P.S.–Don’t forget your sunscreen!


Info on Sojo Spa Club:


Weekday: $55.00

Weekend: $65.00

Hours: 9 AM-12 AM

Complimentary valet parking available.

Update: Sojo is now giving out robes for free. 


Saturday Staples: Carol’s Daughter Leave-In Conditioner

Saturday, saturday, saturday. My favorite day of the week. Why you might ask? Well, I currently may or may not be  sitting on my couch enjoying a glass of vin rouge and watching Mad Men. Ladies, take notes.

Lately, it has been freezing cold in the big city, causing me to stay indoors and resort to using my hairdryer more than I would like. The result has been dry, straw-like strands. Not my cup of tea.

Conditioner has always been my hair’s best friend. To be honest, I’m not super picky about my shampoo, but I’m always trying to find the best nourishment for my hair. Beyond that, I really place a ton of importance on the leave-in conditioner.  Heat and styling products wreak more havoc on your hair than you might know.

In college, me and my friend Audrey started using Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner. It was affordable ($10.00-$12.00 depending on where you buy), makes your hair so soft, and smells amazing. I spray it on the ends of wet hair, brush through, and voila!

Tip:Try to avoid the roots, as it will leave your hair looking greasy.

I’ve tried other more expensive brands, but years later I still swear by it. Trust me, your hair will thank you!


Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave in Conditioner

Have a great weekend!

Saturday Staples: essie Gel Setter Top Coat

It always amazes me how one week, you could have nothing better to do but lay on the couch, eat cheetos, and binge watch Mad Men every day after work. The next, you’re running around like the world is about to end, wondering how you’re going to get everything accomplished. How it happens? I don’t even know. No children, nine to six job, and a relatively small commute.

Go figure

With all the running around and recent tightening of my budget, my monthly upkeep has become a little bit expensive. At twelve dollars a manicure (plus tip), I’ve had to reevaluate how often I can afford to get my nails done. I know, doing it at home would save me time, money, the works. But truth be told, I really don’t have the steadiest hands, yielding less than desireable results.

After a recommendation from a coworker, I think I’ve found the perfect solution. I have recently been extending my manicures by putting essie Gel Setter top coat on my nails twice each manicure. One right after I get home from having them done, and one about four days later. In truth, I’ve actually been pretty shocked by the results. The top coat doesn’t give you the same gel manicure you would receive in a salon, but it gives your nails the strength and durability you would expect. My nail polish has been lasting way longer than usual! In short, it’s amazing.

essie gel setter

essie Gel Setter

Give it a try and let me know what you think! Enjoy your weekend y’all!

They Say It’s Your Birthday

Anyone who knows me can tell you this: birthdays are my favorite. Whether it’s my birth-week (yes, I get an entire week), or celebrating the birthday of a friend, I get so excited! This upcoming Saturday, it’s a birthday I’m more excited about than usual. My boyfriend Fabian will be turning 26, and I wanted to make sure his year started out extra special. Needless to say, I have been driving both him and myself crazy trying to prepare and make everything perfect.

I decided that for his friends dinner tomorrow night, I had to make him his favorite cake. Of course, his favorite isn’t something simple like chocolate or vanilla. Nope, my man wanted himself a red velvet cake. A RED VELVET CAKE. Do I look like Betty Crocker?! The perfectionist in me was by no means going to buy a Duncan Hines cake in a box and call it a day. I was going to make him the best homemade red velvet cake he would ever eat.

After a google search, I found a great recipe from the blog Divas Can Cook. It was simple, and had great reviews. What happened next is in no way her fault.

New York City kitchens are tiny, definitely not meant for cooking, and in my case outdated. Mixing the batter was easy, minus a run to Duane Reade to pick up more vanilla extract halfway through the recipe. But when I had gone to check on my cake in the oven, it started burning way before the recommended 30 minute cook time. I quickly took it out, put it in the refrigerator and decided to give it a day before I would try to frost it. Note to self: My oven temperature is really off.


Today, in order to attempt to save the cake, I cut around the edges, and made the two layers about an 8 inch round instead of 9. Burning problem, solved.

Next, I moved on to making the frosting. Once again, halfway through the recipe, I realized that my newly bought bottle of vanilla extract was missing. After a frantic search in my poor little kitchen, I decided the only thing to do was run out to Duane Reade (again) to grab a new bottle.



Following a powder sugar explosion, and a bit of a mess in the kitchen, the cake was FINALLY on it’s way to being iced. At this point the hallelujah chorus was playing in my head.

The cake was a bit crumbly from being hacked at, so the icing had little red flecks in it. To hide the imperfections, I took the cake crumbs from the burnt pieces and sprinkled them around the edges. The finished product?


I can now see why he confused me with Mrs Crocker.

But seriously. This cake faced some serious adversity and still came out pretty well. I was shocked, but also really proud of myself! It’s great to see what you can do when you put your mind to something.

For all you birthday lovers/cake enthusiasts out there, here are a few items I recommend for your baking adventures:

  1. Kitchenaid hand mixer. Pick one in a bright color to make baking fun! Mine is flamingo.
  2. Non-stick 9 inch cake pans. Perfect for making a two layer cake!
  3. Wilton Icing Spatula. I grew up watching my mother use these to ice all her cakes and cupcakes. A baking must have.
  4. Cooling Trays. Whether you’re making cookies, cupcakes, or a cake, you don’t realize how much you need a cooling tray until you go without one. After a bad Christmas cookie making experience in my apartment, I ordered myself a set right away!